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QuickTIme Gallery. Enjoy 360° QuickTime VR views of Apple’s hardware products and really cool accessories.
New TV Ads. See Apple’s latest television commercials.
iMac. Offering affordable high performance in a range of colors, one iMac is just right for you.
Power Mac G4 Cube. It’s a supercomputer miraculously engineered into an 8-inch translucent cube, powerful, elegant and very very quiet.
Power Mac G4. With speeds up to 733Mhz get the power to burn CDs DVDs and Pentiums.
Server G4. Taking full advantage of the PowerPC G4, Macintosh Server G4 gives you an industrial-strength delivery system for the Internet.
iBook. Why settle for home computing when you can get the iMac to go? No other notebook computer in its class is so powerful and easy to use.
PowerBook G4. The PowerBook delivers uncompromising performance in a stunningly light package with FireWire and speeds up to 500 MHz.
Cinema Display. With 1600 by 1024 pixel resolution, this LCD display delivers more brightness, sharpness and contrast than ordinary displays.
Studio Displays. Get the biggest screen area with the smallest footprint from these displays. Just plug in one connector to set them up.
Apple Pro Mouse. Using high-precision optical tracking, the Apple Pro Mouse won’t stick or skip around — and you’ll never have to clean it.
Apple Pro Keyboard. Apple has redefined the keyboard — not just in terms of what it does, but what it looks like and how good it feels.
AirPort. AirPort lets you use your computer for work, play, sending and receiving email, and getting on the Internet — wirelessly. And it’s easy.
USB. It connects with numerous devices, including printers, digital cameras, game pads, joysticks, keyboards, mice and storage devices.
FireWire. Get high speed, easy connections and the ability to link as many as 63 devices. It’s a must-have feature for Digital Video.

Where to Buy
The Apple Store. Open 24 hours a day every day, the Apple Store offers online convenience.
Resource Locator. The easiest way to find sales, consulting and service for Apple products.
User Groups. Join a user group to learn how to make the most of your computer.
Register. Convenient online Apple Product Registration takes just a few minutes.
iServices. Tap into our talent pool of consulting, integration, and training experts.
Mac Products Guide. Need software or storage? This catalog covers thousands of Mac products.
Subscribe. Apple eNews brings you product info, special offers and news via email.
Consumer Loan.
Apply now and get instant financing for the Mac you’ve always wanted.
Education Loan.
Apply now to get instant financing and interest-only payments for 24 months.
Education Finance.
Unique financing available to schools & universities.
Commercial Credit.
Business leases and asset management suited to your specific needs.
EarthLink. It’s the Mac-friendly way to cruise the Internet. Sign up today — we’ll waive your sign-up fee and include your first 30 days free (a $44.95 value).

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